Shouldn’t your marketing be focusing on the accounts with the highest potential revenue?

With Account-Based Marketing, both marketing and sales are focusing on the same accounts – the accounts with the highest potential revenue. And they work together during the entire sales process with one goal in mind: Closing. ABM is the fastest growing marketing strategy in the world, with the highest return on investment. Find out why.


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Most B2B selling companies have a list of accounts that cover both existing customers and prospects that have a higher potential and order value than others. These larger deals tend to entail longer sales processes, and always involve a vast group of stakeholders that will influence the decision. These opportunities are also essential for the growth or survival of a company.

To support sales and shorten the sales process you need to make sure that you engage and communicate with all these stakeholders, both digitally and physically, in a way that provides them with information they need in order for them to take the next step in the buying process.

The four-step ABM-process is created as a result of Freya News’ best practice, helping over 100 international B2B selling companies to drive revenue. Freya News can support you in all or selected parts of this process.



Which companies should I sell to, and why? Are they existing customers or prospects? What potential is there in terms of real revenue? Who makes the decisions regarding the services we provide? Are there any data that could help me?

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Which challenges are the companies we process facing, and what are these companies’ ambitions? How do we engage formal and informal decision-makers, thereby making them better buyers of our services? How do we position ourselves as thought leaders for the business of customer?

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Which accounts are the hardest to sell to? Do these accounts also bring the highest order values? How long are the sales cycles when processing these accounts? Is it worth spending a few percent of the order value on marketing towards them in order to increase chances for business? Which technology should we use to reach them?

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Which target accounts react the strongest to which issues and subject matters? How engaged are they? What do they do after consuming your content? Do they return? Do they look us up of their own accord? How do I calculate the ROI? Is there system support? How can we use the statistics to close the deal faster?

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