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The complete tool set for targeted content marketing and Account-Based Marketing

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To systematically attract and build lasting relationships with your targeted b2b accounts, you need to engage all decision-makers and influencers. Decide which companies to address. Discover and publish the right piece of content-set and then deliver it to them. Monitor and measure respons from each and every account. Who are engaging the most and interested to buy? 

Own their buying process and become the trusted advisor. 

Freya News ABM System

This easy-to-use tool set can help you simplify or automate many time-consuming tasks in the marketing department.

Freya News ABM Consulting

All the knowledge you may need – from strategy to content creation, targeted advertising project management and analysis.

Erik Annerberg, Partner & Head of Sales Erik Annerberg

How to Win High-Value Clients with Account Based Marketing

In the age of hyper-targeted prospecting and nurturing, your content marketing program might not be sufficiently surgical. Considering the very nature of B2B marketing, your prospecting list is likel….

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Mattias Norburg, Account Manager Mattias Norburg

Why Content Will Always Always King

Tweet ThisContent is for more than just marketers.Content marketing informs, entertains, educates, and offers utility.Pexels.comLike it or not content will always be king.I know, I know, I know.

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Erik Annerberg, Partner & Head of Sales Erik Annerberg

How Inbound Can Tie into Your ABM Efforts

Through account-based marketing, B2B marketers can combine their inbound and outbound efforts to attract more qualified leads. Itai Elizur, COO at Inbound Junction breaks down the five-step process to make it happen.

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Amendo Staffing & Recruitment 

”Together with Freya News we have effectively operated as our own PR agency. We continually drive a discussion about the need for diversity and today’s labour market. This content is exposed to selected individuals and companies that relate this message to Amendo."

- Nora Gunneng Sales manager, Amendo Staffing & Recruitment 


” We are now well positioned for company cars with our prioritized companies.”

- Bavaria/BMW

Visma Software AB

”Together with Freya News we reached decision-makers within our focus verticals and positioned Visma on the map. In the business system jungle we found out there we made Visma’s strengths visible by exposing customized content to the right companies."

- Hanna Nätt-Falkäng, Marketing Manager Visma Software AB