Simplify and automate your content marketing

One simple all-inclusive marketing tool set for your b2b selling organisation. Taking your marketing to the next level. Saving time, and time-to-market. Based on years of content marketing and ABM experience, and finetuned with pioneering b2b companies. Filled to the brim with useful functions. Here are some of them: 

Find your content

Select the most relevant external content to share with your targeted accounts. Simply re-publish and make it yours

Customize your content

One size does not fit all. Segment your content and customize it by verticals or even by companies.

Publish your content

Automate your social media channels. Facilitate distribution via company and employee’s social channels.

Analyze in real-time

Never miss a buying signal from your targeted accounts. Monitor and measure their behaviour and align your marketing and sales.

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Our customers simply love it!

Amendo Staffing & Recruitment 

”Together with Freya News we have effectively operated as our own PR agency. We continually drive a discussion about the need for diversity and today’s labour market. This content is exposed to selected individuals and companies that relate this message to Amendo."

- Nora Gunneng Sales manager, Amendo Staffing & Recruitment 

- Bavaria/BMW

”We are now well positioned for company cars with our prioritized companies.”

- Bavaria/BMW

Visma Software AB

”Together with Freya News we reached decision-makers within our focus verticals and positioned Visma on the map. In the business system jungle we found out there we made Visma’s strengths visible by exposing customized content to the right companies."

- Hanna Nätt-Falkäng, Marketing Manager Visma Software AB 

Our customers are pioneering digital b2b marketing. Here are some of them: